I am a freelance IT consultant currently based in Frankfurt, with a considerable experience gathered through numerous projects. I am available for work (part and full-time) on: Nepali baby worker

A list of keywords your search engine may get distracted by:
Common Lisp, Clojure, Scheme, C, C++, Java, Scala, Unix, BSD, FreeBSD, Linux, IEEE Posix, (Open)VMS, ClojureScript, JavaScript, GTK, Tcl/Tk, TCP/IP, SQL, Pthreads, UML, OOD, NoSQL, ODBC, JDBC, STL, ASN.1, JSON, REST APIs, XML, HTML, CSS, AJAX, CVS, git, TCP/IP, Websockets, darcs, svn, Cobol, make, cmake, maven, lein asdf, jenkins, jira.

You can have a peek at my Software Bits to get an idea. My contact details can be found on this website, as well.

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